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Wilton Red Color mist cake spray
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Wilton Red Color mist cake spray

Brand: Wilton
Product Code: CDR_5514
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Product Features:
* High quality food grade product.
* Store in a cool and dry place in an airtight container.
* Comes in a variety of colors.
* Easy to use.
* Useful For: instantly adds colorful accents to cakes, cupcakes and iced cookies.

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Creativities internationals Wilton Red Color mist cake spray attention-grabbing merchandise that provides a cake or cookie associate airbrushed look. These are taste-free and solely add color. This easy-to-use spray gives decorators the versatility and dazzling effects of an airbrush in a convenient can. It is used to transform a plain iced cake with sensational color or add splashes of holiday color to iced cookies and cupcakes. Creates a rainbow of pleasure for several desserts. Nice for party desserts - light whipped topping or frozen dessert with color. This spray instantly adds colourful accents to cakes, cupcakes and iced cookies.It gives dazzling effects of an airbrush in a convenient can. Use it to add sensational color to iced cakes, cookies and cupcakes. No mess, taste-free formula. It can be used to remodel an understandable iced cake with sensational color, add splashes of vacation color to iced cookies and cupcakes.Great for party desserts-highlighting whipped topping or ice cream with color. Simply shake and spray-no prep work necessary. It comes in a variety of colors. Add slightly for a light-weight color, or lots for a daring look. How to Use:These sprays for cake and cookie decorating have several applications. You can use it to spray over stencils on cakes, cupcakes and iced cookies. You can instantly add color to any plain iced cake. Use our color mist sprays to liven up party desserts or highlight the whipped topping on a milk shake for a splash of color. These are really easy to use all you wish to try and do is shake the will and spray away. This color mist spray by Wilton could be a simple to use colouring spray that offers you the dazzling effects of associate in airbrush during a convenient one. You will be able to add splashes of color to merely concerning something with this no mess style free formula. Inclusive of : 1 pc Net weight : 42 gm

Color Red

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