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Rolkem Marine Luster Dust
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Rolkem Marine Luster Dust

Brand: Rolkem
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Product Features:
* High-quality product
* 100% edible luster dust.
* FSSAI approved, vegetarian.
* Comes in various attractive colors.
* Easy to use and mix.
* Useful For: Paint on sugar paste, flower paste, modeling paste, cookies, biscuits, pastries and royal icing.

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Rolkem Marine Luster Dust is a subtle color with a high sheen metallic- like finish. If you plan to use dry luster dust, no preparation is required. It can be used it dry or wet and can be used as it is or mixed with similar matte-finish colored powders to produce a more intense sheen without lightening the color.

You can brush on white; they exhibit color and a metallic-like sheen. This powder dust is safe enough to mix in the food as a glittery food color.

For deeper intense color you can mix with lemon extract and brush on. This product is non-toxic, tasteless, and edible powder which can be used to decorate cakes, cookies, candies or anything which you would like to add a little sparkle.

Now you can add colors to your edible and non-edible works of art without worrying about the dust being safe.

You can use it to Gumpaste flowers, cream, Chocolates, Pulled Sugar/ IsoMalt and rolled fondant decorations and more.

This color is widely used by professionals due to their excellent coverage and vibrancy in color.

These edible luster dust colors are a unique and exquisite range of food grade pigments to your treats an eye catching and distinctive look.

The difference between luster andpetal dustis,luster dustwill give you a metallic sheen finish whilepetal dusta flat chalk-like color.

It comes in the net weight of 10gm of the bottle. It is available in multiple Colors.

This is a vegetarian product.
All food products are non-returnable for hygiene purpose.
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