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Optical Illusion Cutter Diamond Shape
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Optical Illusion Cutter Diamond Shape

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* High quality material.
* Made of plastic.
* Easy to use and hold.
* Dishwasher safe.
* Useful For: Create optical illusions.

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Cake decorating cutters/ embossers have been developed to assist new and experienced cake decorators in creating the decoration. This is a 2-dimensional design that gives the impression of 3-dimensional cubes so its a neat trick and its fairly easy to do.

The easiest way to create optical illusions. You need sugar paste in 3 different colors like dark, light, medium.

1. Dust the Working surface with powdered sugar and roll out the sugar paste (2mm). Put the cutter in the paste and cut out diamonds. Wait 10 min.

2. Do the same procedure to the 2 other colors.

3. Cut some medium-coloured diamond lengthwise into 2 triangles.

4. Stick the triangles on the bottom row of the edge of the cake.

5. For the next row stick the dark and light diamonds oppositely to the sides of the triangles. For the third row stick the medium diamonds between the angle of the dark and light diamonds. Continue until the desired result.

Mold Dimensions (l*b*h) :13cm*9cm*1cm

Cavity Dimensions(l*b*h) : 5cm*7cm*1cm

Material Plastic
Color Multicolor

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