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Gumpaste Flower Drying Holder
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Gumpaste Flower Drying Holder

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Product Features:
* High-quality material
* Comes in various designs and colors.
* Easy to use and store.
* Reusable.
* Useful For: flower decorations and any party decorations.

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Description: It is the perfect drying system for gum paste flowers. With the Gum Paste Flower Stand, wired flowers and leaves can hang upside down, without touching any surface, enabling them to maintain the ideal shape and petal position.It has different hole sizes to accommodate large variety. It is made up of Sturdy plastic. It provides a versatile support for your delicate sugar craft flowers, butterflies or any other creations allowing them to dry safely.With this hole, you can prop up, support or hang your delicate creations allowing them to dry safely. It is easy to use, clean and handle. It is made up of high-grade food material. Dish-Washer Safe.It is highly recommended for fondant cake decorating tools. The holder has different sizes for bigger or smaller flowers.It is ideal for holding flowers securely and cupping them. The legs of the holder will fold down for easy storage. This tool stays sharp and nonstick after use.Dimension(l*b) cm: 27*16*1.5 cmInclusive of : 1 pc Material : Acrylic
Material Plastic
Color Multicolor

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