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FOOD Decor Sweet Lace powder (VEG)
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FOOD Decor Sweet Lace powder (VEG)

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Product Features:
* 100% High-quality food grade material
* Made of silicone material.
* Comes in various designs and colors.
* Microwave - Safe
* Dishwasher Safe
* Freezer safe
* Useful For: design your cakes surface easily and beautifully.

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Creativities internationals Food Decor Sweet Lace powder (VEG) enables you to create beautiful edible lace for cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Sweet Lace powder is a trendy icing that allows you to make lace without any problem and quickly.

These products are of a good quality. It is innovative way of producing beautiful edible lace which retains its flexibility.

How to use:

1) Take Sweet lace Powder, add warm water at 40/45C (80gms of water to 100gms sweet lace powder)

2) Spin at medium speed for 2 minutes, you will get a creamy mixture.

3) Use a flat spatula to spread it onto the lace design silicone mat.

Leave to set at room temperature for 3hrs or put it in oven at 80 C for 12 mins or 120 C for 6 mins to get more elastic product.

4) Peel off to reveal the most delicate decoration that's pliable enough to be wrapped around cakes and bake.

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