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Extruder Set
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Extruder Set

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Product Features:
* High-quality material
* Comes in various designs and colors.
* Easy to use and store.
* Reusable.
* Useful For: flower decorations and any party decorations.

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Description: Sugar Craft extruders are great for creating decorative shapes like cake borders, strings, using fondant, gum paste or dough. The Extruder set come with one sugar paste extruder and 20 different discs which allows you to make decorations like vines, stems, hair, letters, grass, weaving, lattice works, ribbons and much more. The square, triangle, half round discs are for bricks, logs, borders, and can be cut and used for small beads.This is a great professional extruder gun for your decorating, sculpting and piping needs. It is user-friendly and easy to use and clean. It is an ideal and must have tool for the baker. This new extruder incorporates an L-shaped handle that can be adjusted as per the users convenience. It has a delicate appearance design and sturdy and durable material. The extruder separates into three sections easily. It is suitable for use with sugar paste, petal paste, and marzipan or craft clays.How to Use?1. Load fondant or Soft clay from the bottom.2. Close the bottom cap with the changeable disc.3. Do not force the push rod out or damage to the rubber ring may occur.Six Easy Steps to Clean Extruder:1. Unscrew the cap and the disc.2. Wipe the fondant or clay out with a piece of paper towel.3. Unscrew the top of the extruder.4. Pull the rod out gently.5. Clean all the exist fondant inside the barrel & the plunger.6. Reverse the steps to reassemble the extruder.Use in clay work or sugar craft work!! 1) Making doll hairs 2) Making long strings 3) Making square strips of fondant and various multiple uses.

Material Steel
Size 17*2.5 cm

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