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Disposable Bag small size (10.5 inches) 100 pcs.
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Disposable Bag small size (10.5 inches) 100 pcs.

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Product Features:
* High quality material.
* Made of plastic
* Convenient for single use.
* Easy to use.
* Useful For: Icing on cakes using nozzle at tip of piping bag.

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Creativities internationals disposable bag small size (10.5 inches) are for piping soft icing in order to decorate your cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

These bags are convenient for single use. It makes perfect dual shade flowers, borders. It is ideal for instant icing color identification. These bags are made from disposable plastic material.

It is perfectly shaped rough exterior for a better grip. Simply drop the nozzle into the bag, fit the coupler fill icing and you are good to go.

These bags are easy to use with just about any decorating tip and coupler set. These bags are disposable, you can just use and toss. Spend more time decorating and less time cleaning up.

These bags hold the icing and decorating tip so you can create a variety of decorations. It can be used to decorate cakes during special occasions, like weddings, and birthdays. These products work great in your baking world.

Inclusive of : 100 pcs.

Material Plastic
Size 10.5 inch
Color White

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