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Cream Frill Ribbon
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Cream Frill Ribbon

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Product Features:
* High quality material
* Made of fabric
* Comes in various colors.
* Easy to use and flexible.
* Useful For: tying, trimming, finishing or decorative purposes like in packing of bouquets or gifts.

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Cream Frill Ribbon is perfect for adding around the cake or wrapping the gifts. This ribbon is lightly wired so it may keep its shape if tied in a bow. These ribbons can be used for tying, trimming, finishing or decorative purposes like in packing of bouquets or gifts. This beautiful ribbon adds a touch of sophisticated elegance to classic and contemporary cake designs. We have a full range of cake decorating ribbons collections for decorating the cake itself.Whether your cake is for a themed celebration or for a simply to add a finishing touch to your creations, our cake ribbon is vast and varied and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and in designs so that you can pick and choose what suits your cakes best. Cake Ribbon is also a great option for covering flaws in your cake. Suppose your cake is damaged at the bottom then wrap a ribbon around the cake to hide the imperfections.This cream frill ribbon is in a cream color, which would look lovely on a number of special occasion cakes such as a wedding, birthday and anniversary cakes. You can style the ribbon into bows and other shapes for use as decoration on your cakes, or simply wrap the ribbon around your cake for a classic and professional finish. Dimensions: Length: 2 Mtr Height 4 cm
Material Fabric
Color Cream
Length 2 Mtr Height 4 cm

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