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Colorful Measuring Spoons (Set of 5)
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Colorful Measuring Spoons (Set of 5)

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Product Features:
* High quality material.
* Made of durable plastic
* Dishwasher Safe
* Freezer Safe
* Easy to use and clean.
* Comes in various shapes and colors.
* Useful For: Measure carefully and correctly the precise amount of ingredients.

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Creativities internationals Colorful Measuring Spoons (Set of 5) are an attractive and effective product that enables you to measure carefully and correctly the precise amount of ingredients.

All are joined together with a ring to keep them in one place, and they nest together for convenient storage. It is a perfect kitchen accessory. It includes five colorful measuring spoons.

This essential measuring set plays an important role in the baking process. These set come with their measuring values embossed on them.

They are made of corrosion resistant, high-grade plastic. 100% brand new and high quality. It is lightweight and easy to wash.

It is convenient for users to hold it by the right hand or the left hand. It long lasting product. These products make cooking easier and better with accurately designed markings and durability.

They work great in your kitchen. These products are of a good quality. You wont get any difficulties while using them.

Material Plastic
Size Spoon 1: 12 cm*4 cm*2.5 cm, Spoon 2: 12 cm*3.5 cm*2 cm, Spoon 3: 12 cm*2.5 cm*2 cm, Spoon 4: 12 cm*2 cm*1.5 cm, Spoon 5: 12 cm*2 cm*1 cm
Color Multicolor

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