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Bead making cutter
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Bead making cutter

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Product Features:
* High-quality material
* Made of acrylic.
* It is easy to use and handle.
* Comes in various designs.
* Dishwasher safe.
* Useful For: Create a string of beads to feature your cakes exploitation.

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Description:Fondant beads may be utilized in many ways to boost your treats. Create a string of beads to feature your cakes exploitation this bead cutter. Strings of candy beads area unit the right bit for desserts. Bead cutter is intended for creating pearls of even formed simply.This cutter is easy to use and clean. It is created up from the sturdy plastic material.This cutter is reusable and non-stick. You will produce the eighteen beads in equal live at a time. It is ideal for birthdays, parties, and weddings, day, home, DIY, etc.Here you will learn the way to form these lovely strings of candy beads in few simple steps.How to Use Bead Making Cutter?Step 1: Roll your candy into a skinny rope form.Step 2: Open up your bead cutter and place your candy rope within the center of the bead cutter so move gently and shut it.Step 3: Squeeze the cutter along and also the candy can squish out. Press firmly to induce the maximum amount candy out as potential.Step 4: Glide the sharp knife and bring to a halt the surplus candy. Once more squeeze the cutter an extra time and cut out the surplus candy.Step 5: Open up the cutter and with the assistance of your fingers unleash the bead from the mold. Keep bending it backward till it is fully out.Step 6: Let the pearls dry or harden for regarding ten minutes, then they are able to use! If you progress them sooner, they are a lot of seemingly to stretch and lose their shape!Now you have got lovely beads that may enhance your any treats.Dimension :16 cm*5.5 cm*0.5 cmInclusive of : 1 pcMaterial : plastic

Material Acrylic

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