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Self-healing Cutting Mat (Big)- A3 Size
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Self-healing Cutting Mat (Big)- A3 Size

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* High-quality material
* Comes in various designs and colors.
* Easy to use and store.
* Reusable.
* Useful For: flower decorations and any party decorations.

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Description:It will be used for kneading, dough rolling and cutting, making cakes, etc. It comes with size, scale, being conveniently provided on the mat makes it a perfect tool for all your baking needs.This Mat is excellent for cutting, rolling fondant, crafting and artwork. It is available in A3 size. The dimension of the mat is 45.5 cm*30.5 cm.Cutting mat provides a protective surface that prevents damage when cutting. It is made of durable PVC that gives maximum protection from blades. The marked patterns and grids help in easier measurements for cutting and can also be used as a guide when drawing.It is very flexible, nontoxic, non-glare cutting surface, non-absorbent, and stain resistant material. It has clear grid lines to aid accurate cutting and Double Sided Markings. This mat is Eco-Friendly, heavy duty, self-healing cutting mat.The Measurement markings make it easy to read and cut perfectly sized crusts. It does not move. It is with marking guides for accurate cutting Display packed, self-healing mat. It protects your table top, working area or desktop from blades. These Cutting Mats are the ideal choice for Bakers, Professionals, and also homemakers.Dimension : 45.5 cm*30.5 cmInclusive of : 1 pc
Material Plastic
Color Multicolor

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