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Dimension Silicone Mat
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Dimension Silicone Mat

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Product Features:
* Made of high quality material.
* Made of silicone
* Dishwasher Safe
* Microwave - Safe
* Reliable and safe to use and clean.
* Useful For: Great surface to prepare dough and pastries.

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Description:Bake or cook almost anything you want. It is perfect for your all baking needs. This mat is made of top quality Silicone and has FDA food grade certification. Mat provides an excellent non-stick baking surface that lays flat, grips to any flat surface, and protects your precious counter-tops, and kitchen tables.It will be used for kneading, dough rolling and cutting, making cakes, etc. It comes with size, scale, being conveniently provided on the mat makes it a perfect tool for all your baking needs. It is easy to work with any dough and no need for flour, cooking sprays or grease. It can be used in theoven, microwave or refrigerator, etc.This mat is suitable for asmall cake, pudding, jelly, bread, pizza etc. The Measurement markings make it easy to read and cut perfectly sized crusts. It does not move when using due to it being asilicone material. It has circular marking from 15 cm to 30 cm diameter making fondant rolling for cakes easy to get just the right size. It also has marking on the sides ideal for pastry. It will keep your worktop clean.The flexible and nonstick sheet offers an instant and easy release. It keeps moisture in food and wont retain odors. It distributes heat evenly so that cooking time is reduced for most dishes. This mat promotes a healthy low-fat baking experience. It is available in avariety of color.This Baking sheet is light weight and very flexible and nonstick. It is designed to withstand temperatures between -40 degree Celsius and 220 degree Celsius.Dimension (l*b) cm : 50*40cmInclusive of : 1 pcMaterial : SiliconeColor : Random

Material Silicone
Color Multicolor

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