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Cake Marker
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Cake Marker

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Product Features:
* High quality material.
* Made of durable plastic.
* Dishwasher Safe
* Unbreakable, easy to use and handle.
* Comes in various sizes.
* Useful For: Marking cakes, pies, pastries and more. The double-sided marker will help you easy and cleanly dividing cakes into equal sizes.

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Mark cake sides for perfect placement of accents or borders. It has a vertical ruler with stable base. It is an easy way to help you to decorate accurately and inconspicuously. This adjustable cake marker helps you to easily & accurately mark cake sides for perfect placements of accents or borders. It features three marker pins that snap into place along the ruler edge. To mark the sections, simply place the cake marker on a level surface next to the cake and move around to mark position in several spots.

The cake ruler is perfect for making it easier to mark out and place your decorations exactly where you want them. This set includes 3 markers pins that can be added onto desired positions or removed when not in use.

It is essential tools in making icing easy. It is a Lightweight and easy to use. An indeed useful tool for marking cake sides to make perfect border designs.

Inclusive of: 1 pc

Material plastic
Size 6.75 in. * 2.625 in.
Color Multicolor

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