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5 in 1 Pallete knief Set
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5 in 1 Pallete knief Set

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Product Features:
* High-quality food grade material
* Made of stainless steel
* Dishwasher Safe
* Easy to use and handle
* Useful For: Spreading icing, buttercream and icing on cakes.

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Creativities International 5 in 1 Pallete Knife Set used for spreading icing, buttercream and icing on cakes. These Pallete knives are easy to use and handle. They are made up from finest stainless steel and durable wooden handle for comfortable holding. This knife is angled, enabling easy grip and smooth manoeuvre. This knifes comes in set of 5 pieces.

This is the essential tools for frosting and icing. These knifes are life savers, when it comes to baking and handling baked goods. It is a 100% brand new product. It is used for cake decorations, designing and to spread frosting or sometimes for careful mixing.

With the help of this knifes, you can easily lift cake layers and remove excess icing easily. It will also help in lifting up pastry without making any cracks in it or simply plate a dish in absolute style. The knives are suitable for students or beginners, home bakers and for professionals. This Pallete knife is dishwasher safe.

Length of knives: p1: 8.5, p2:7.5, p3:7.5, p4:7. 6.5 inches

Inclusive of: 1 pc

Material Steel

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